Friday, June 25, 2010

Ugly Friday Morning...those exist?

Had an awful morning this morning. I hate when I flat out make a mistake at work...I carry the guilt around for days.  Discovered an error this morning, at least I can say I'm the person that owns up to it right away - I never run from it or try and blame it on someone/something else. But what a shitty way to start a Friday morning. UGH

That aside, I logged into my Twitter feed on my lunch break...I love Follow Fridays.  I find the whole phenomenon of Twitter fascinating.  The sense of community derived from strangers conversing. Sometimes I feel closer to my tweeps than my "living, breathing" friends...I can filter out who I like, who I don't without too much prejudice. I can also choose to follow those who more closely aline with my interests, beliefs etc. It's a beautiful thing - and kinda creepy too. What do you think of the whole thing?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

First Post: an exploration of self...

Please, enlighten me, why did I choose to start a blog?  Seems like everybody's doin it - and I guess I wanted in on the action.  I guess in some twisted way, it's nice to think people find your ho-hum life interesting. 

I started on Twitter just a couple of months ago (begrudgingly I might add), and I'm hooked!  Not only have I met amazing Calgarians, who are out doing incredible things - I am learning about what's going on around town!  Rob (he's the BF...but as you'll learn as we go along, I LOATH refering to him as just my BF, he's Rob: you'll love him soon enough as much as I do)...anyways, Rob thinks the whole Twitter phenomenon is ridiculous until we're sitting around pondering what to do and I can whip out the Blackberry and give him options in seconds. Oh Twitter, you're a beautiful thing. 

And so, in my Twitter wanderings I stumbled across a couple of inspiring blogs, written by young YYC women.  I encourage you to check them out, they rock! 

I'll share one with you today: My girl Kait is writing about her journey through the gym, weight-loss, sweat & tears.  If you don't get inspired by what she has to say, you will undoubtedly get a good chuckle out of her wit (the title of her blog alone should get a good laugh outta ya!).  Check her out:

So, now you know where my inspiration comes from.  Where this will go?  I am yet to discover, but eager to find out!  Certainly you will hear some rants & raves about this or the other, my struggles with "lady" things like fashion & diet and perhaps some exciting life-changing events as I delve into who I am today, and who I strive to be tomorrow.

With gratitude,