Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sharing Some LOCAL Inspiration

All of this excitement around trying to make myself and my health a priority once again, has gotten me pumped to surround myself with upbeat, positive and active individuals!

How often to we look for people to admire, to be role models in the big blue yonder? So often we look at celebrities and reality specials for solutions on our struggles – of the weight loss variety in particular. How often do we see an episode of “Last 10lb Bootcamp” or “Losing it” – or even a Weight Watchers commercial and search for inspiration there. I’ve got an idea for you: why not look in your own backyard? So many people…normal folks…without personal chefs…without 3 workouts a day for 3 months….people like you and me are doing amazing things in our own city everyday! Ever think to get inspiration, to get advice, to find support there?

Well, I’ve found an amazing amount of inspiration from a ton of people in Calgary – the wild and wonderful world of Twitter is mostly to blame. SO, why not share some of these, so we can all lean on each-other for support!

One of my favorite Twitter discoveries has been Champagne Fitness. I’ve written about Terri a few times. This blonde bombshell realized the power of locals connecting, and created an outdoor bootcamp in honor of her Twitter followers. Filled mostly with “tweoples” this has been a great way to connect with locals who are all striving to add a bit more fitness in their lives. Follow her at or check out her website at – she’s got a Fall bootcamp coming up if you missed out on the summer ass kicking!

What happens when two “fitness fanatics” connect? Find out at – a fabulous idea that came to Terri and her business partner Kim McNeil (follow her at This is an exciting business that fuses fitness, food and travel – ummm yes! (

Besides discovering excellent, enthusiastic and qualified professionals Twitter has proven to be a great vehichle for connecting with other folks who are battling the bulge, or simply getting out and kicking butt! Need workout inspiration? I recommend following some of these awesome Calgarians:

Here’s a list of those I get to workout with twice a week now at Champagne Fitness’ Bootcamp! Be sure to follow these fine folks as they venture through their various workout challenges, and the aches n pains we experience at Bootcamp: (who will be joining us soon!) I was so fortunate as to connect with these 2 girls on twitter, and then meet them at Bootcamp. Both have impressive stories! Most recently, they have both started to run, and are currently training for a half marathon in Las Vegas…now that’s motivation! - Kait has had quite the weight-loss journey and is now super buff! She’s super fun to follow: she’s witty and generally great fun to have on your feed! Lookin for a fun read? Check out her blog at (yes, even the title “No Mo Camel Toe” is a testament to this girl’s great sense of humor!)

Oh, and not to be forgotten are those of the male persuasion – cause it’s not just the ladies out there putting in the good fight! Dave has lost 118lbs to date and is well on his way to reaching his personal goals. Of his success and triumphs, Dave writes:

“A year and a half ago I met MCpl Jody Mitic a Canadian soldier who lost both his lower legs when he stepped on a IED. This motivated me to get going as I was in an accident when I was 18 and due to that have only half a muscle in my leg. I started simply with walking, and working out a few times a week: Jody would motivate me to get going – soon, I started to lose a bit of weight. In December of 2009 I challenged myself to quit drinking and this was when I really started to see it fall off! In only one year and a half I have now lost a total of 110lbs and have a goal of 40 more. II walk 7km 3 to 5 times a week, hit the gym now four days a week, drink a lot of water and treat myself to a good junky meal once a week as a treat.”

Now if that’s not inspirational, I don’t know what is!

Bike enthusiast, Bruce (and bootcamp participant), is another great follow (! Bruce shares his experiences on his bike (including a recent fab trip to Maui) and often tweets about his training: whether it be running or swimming, Bruce is an active Calgarian that’s always on the go!

Also not to be forgotten is Dan, as he trudges through his challenge of following a doctor directed, calorie reduced diet: or check out his blog at

This is just a small smattering of normal people doing amazing things here in Calgary! So when you’re looking for inspiration, or even just for a little support: don’t forget to check out what’s happening in your own backyard…you might be pleasantly surprised!

Have you been inspired? Or maybe found support online? Gotten some awesome advice? Or a great referral? I’d love to hear your stories!

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  1. Great post!! Such great company to have in the battle for health & happiness!! :) Thanks for mentioning me too ;)