Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Trip Home...

So, after a week in Vancouver visiting family and friends (a trip as you may know, is an extremely stressful one to plan!), I must say we had the best trip back home yet!  We were able to create a schedule to accomodate our close family and friends and spent a good deal of time with our loved ones.  Everybody's expectations were set - which made for an almost flawless visit! 

On another note, the road trip home is always a long one: exhausted from a week full of visiting here there and everywhere, and dreading returning home - cause well, it means our vacation is drawing to an end.  Well, this trip was even longer! Between Revelstoke and Golden an SUV rolled only 2 cars in front of us.  We did not see what had happend, only the cloud of dust that followed and the crushed remnants of a late model SUV sitting in the middle of the highway.  Ever think life is too short?  See something like that and you'll be reminded.  The RCMP response time was impressive, followed shortly thereafter by ambulance and fire & rescue.  Unsure if the rescued driver will make it, or what kind of shape he was in when they took him away - but I'm praying he is doing ok.

On a lighter note, that stalled our trip by about 2 hours.  Having departed late from Vancouver after the wedding festivities the night before, and being pretty shaken up by the accident, we opted to stop for the night rather than battle the treacherous Rogers Pass.  Right where we were stopped for that 2 hours was a  giant billboard for Kicking Horse Mountain Resort: wanting a comfortable bed, some TLC and a clean place to sleep we opted to venture up the mountain instead of battling the crowds in Golden.  What a treat that gamble proved!  Although it was almost 10pm and the lodges up there do not staff their front desk 24 hrs, we walked into a cozy BnB.  They were not able to accomodate us, but a staff member from the larger lodge was in the BnB pub having a pint!  As luck would have it, he was a jovial fellow and opened up his front desk to get us a room in the Glacier Lodge (they also had a reasonable rate of $144 for a king suite).  Super clean, comfortable resort setting nestled in the heart of the Rockies!  We then headed back to the pub to buy everybody a pint for their fabulous service!  The pub was called "Local Hero Pub" and served up some basic but delicious pub-grub.  We had such a great time we will probably be heading back next month!  Check them out at

Well, back to routine tomorrow! 

Look out YYC - I'm baaacccckkkkk! 


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