Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's been too long...again....

Once again, it takes my mother's phone call to remind me to post a few words on this thing. :) Thanks mom!

So what's been happening? As many of you who are close colleagues and Twitter followers already know, my long, fierce and drawn out fight with Rogers has come to a victorious close! It took numerous tweets, a long-winded blog entry and a bitter posting on a site called to finally get this resolved. Upon reviewing the tapes of the original phone call, they concluded that indeed their customer service rep failed to inform me of the implications of taking over a number - so they reversed over $500 in early contract cancellation fees. If you have complaints with large companies, I highly recommend you consider putting a petition about your plight on Groubal - I got a quick response directly from Rogers and before I knew it, my case had landed on the desk of the president. My hat goes off to the founder of Groubal - great idea!!

What else? I venture onto a new career path on December 1st. It's definitely been a tumultuous last half of the year for me, career-wise. I had originally taken a job that proved a poor fit. I have since been reminded: we spend more time at work than at home with our loved ones - we really need to choose an environment we are going to enjoy working in! I am super pumped for the challenge that lies ahead, and the new opportunities are bound to head my way.

My bestest friend ever has made the trek East from the West Coast to Calgary. Trying to comfort her with family-like dinners on Sundays, introducing her to some of Calgary's finest...and trying to help find her a job! Those following me on Twitter undoubtedly know - but please, if you hear of any entry-level, full-time office positions, let me know. Even something part-time or a temp position for the holiday season would be great!

The holiday season is nearly upon us - and for the first time since I've celebrated my first Christmas with Rob, I'm excited! After our last visit home, it seems our family and friends finally understand how hectic and stressful these trips can be for us, and have been far more accepting and accommodating. It should be a great Christmas, surrounded by family and friends! I think the recent snowfall has made me extra excited for the month ahead.

I hope this entry finds you all happy, in good health and getting ready for a fabulous holiday season!

Until next time,


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